Thursday, February 02, 2006

Another Unremarkable Signing Day

I've never been incredibly gung-ho about signing day like some people are, and yesterday was no exception, as I didn't realize it was that day until halfway through the morning. I've never understood the excitement for signing day press conferences and TV specials to rehash recruits that most of us die-hards have known everything we care to know about those guys for months.

The small exception to the snoozefest is when there's unexpected good or bad news (as a Husker fan, I can't remember too many good signing day surprises, but I do remember Stanley Daniels, Ronald McClendon, etc.). Other than that, the predictibilty and rehashing of information that has been discussed for months is a little boring.

That said, it looks like the Huskers didn't have quite the unbridled success that they did last year as currently ranks them at #29, CFN at #23 and Rivals at #20. Apparently ESPN now uses Scouts, Inc. to provide their exclusive recruiting rankings as they were on the crawler non-stop last night during Duke's fast-break fest against BC, but you've got to be an insider to see them.

On a side note, either or Scouts Inc. needs an attorney to get crackin' on a cease and desist letter. Last night, I was confused for most of the night as it appeared that ESPN was promoting on Sportscenter, when in actuality it was Scouts Inc.


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