Thursday, February 09, 2006

Prince Wishes He Could Party Like Eustachy

Manhattan, KS- Over a beer, last weekend, Ron Prince admitted to his neighbor, Robert Shills, that he wanted to be more like Larry Eustachy. "He just came over to our porch" Said Shills, "So I offered him a beer". Before his neighbor knew it, he was spouting off "If I could just have one night of an apartment party with 20 year old women". Shills explained. "Eustachy looked so cool on ESPN's Page 2, I would kill for that kind of pub". Shills explained that he wouldn't shut up about these stupid Kansas State web sites. He mumbled "They make me look fat.

He kept on saying things like "Everytime I go to a party people ask me to do the Carlton dance." "I don't get it, my last name is Prince, maybe I should turn my jacket inside out? Why am I such a dork? Is it my hair?"

Shills said "Prince cleaned me out of all of the beer in my garage refridgerator" "I would have thought he was Larry Eustachy himself, except he didn't have hair". Shills was in good spirits explaining that he had "a 'whole nother beer fridge in my basement". Shills then smiled and said "I hope he never finds out my two daughters attend Kansas State."


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