Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Freeman: Out of the Closet

Manhattan, KS- Kansas State recruit Joshua Freeman was "so clearly, obviously" gay in retrospect, fellow student Bernard Sitzman, 18, realized Monday.

"Me and a bunch of people in class were thinking about how he acts in class" Sitzman said. " I was just about to say something about Freeman always wearing purple when it hit me. How in the world could I not seen that he was gay?"

Freeman has been without a girlfriend for 4 years and frequently hangs out with his mother. "Freeman never talks about girls." Said Sitzman, a friend since the 6th grade. Sitzman is "99.9% sure", he is a homosexual.

"I thought he acted flamboyant because he was an arrogant jock," said Sitzman. "Josh played with Barbies and also had a toy poodle named Sasha he'd occasionally bring to football practice. He also enjoyed traveling to New York to see the newest musicals".

Added Sitzman "I knew he was different, but as a 12 year old, my understanding of gay culture was limited to David Hasslehoff".

Ever since coming to the realization, Sitzman has remembered more details about Freeman that seem to affirm his gayness. Among them are sack lunches of yogurt and carrots he ate on field trips, his excessive attention to detail when dressing and his elaborately decorated locker."


Blogger Abdul27 said...

That's awesome.

4:17 PM  
Blogger JohnnyMitchell said...

What is this from ?

4:23 PM  
Blogger Brian Pope said...

I made it.

7:24 AM  
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