Monday, February 06, 2006

Your #1 Texas Longhorns...Still looking for a Win

Since I started following College Baseball right about when Nebraska started consistently winning (I admit it, I wasn't on the bandwagon pre-2000), I've always tried to be aware of when the season starts, not just for Nebraska, but for all of the NCAA teams. Every freaking year, I'm thinking that there haven't been any games played, and I see a headline like "Jayhawks at 11-1 after series with Hawaii-Hilo".

Once again, the season apparently started and no one told me, but my frustration about the stealthiness of the sport quickly diminished after seeing that our friends from Austin, who also are consensus #1s, started the 2006 campaign 0-3.

I don't know what it is but cheering for Texas' baseball demise, however minimal it is, is akin to the joy that fills my heart while watching the downfall of the Colorado football program.


Blogger Jeff Zell said...

Hate on the horns while you can-- with 7 of 9 positional players returning and the entire rotation coming back, this team will be dangerous this summer

2:24 PM  

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