Monday, February 06, 2006

RPI Update

Despite knocking out hot-shooting Baylor on Saturday, this wasn't a good week for the Huskers RPI-wise, as they dropped from #81 to #94.

Why the drop? Even though it was a win, Baylor's RPI is at #156, and to keep the pace in the RPI top 100, the wins have to be against teams in the top 100. Wins against 150+ ranked RPI teams won't move you up, in fact, those wins get you pushed back by the current of "RPI peer teams" who are getting quality wins in conference play. Fortunately, there is no one else we'll face all year that has an RPI below 150 unless Texas Tech really falls apart.

The other thing working against Nebraska's RPI this weekend was the performance of teams that Nebraska has beaten this year. Of the 15 teams that Nebraska has defeated, only one of those teams had a win this weekend against a D-1A opponent. That was Oklahoma St. who somehow pulled out a game they shouldn't have won against Kansas St., another Nebraska defeatee.

On a partially-related sidenote, I watched that KSU/OSU game, and I now have to ask this out loud: What is the freaking deal with Eddie Sutton's lip this year? Have I just never noticed this before? The guy is melting down on the sidelines every game and during each rant, as it builds to a crescendo that one would expect to include a beautifully woven tapestry of profanity, removal of the jacket, chair-throwing, and perhaps even an "I've had it up to here" gesture, it climaxes in this 7-year old girl pouty lip thing. It's a little puzzling.


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