Monday, February 06, 2006

Mikki Moore- Penthouse suite, 10th floor Schramm

I began going to the University in the fall of 1996. I lived in the Harper/Schramm/Smith dormitories my freshman year. Specifically on the 5th floor of Harper with half of the men's basketball team. If I can remember right, Cookie Belcher, Tyron Lue and Larry Florence all lived on my floor. I think Troy Piakowski and some others were thrown in there too. Troy used to somehow buy us beer. A majority of the athletes on campus lived in these dorms for some reason. Those are all different stories.
I had a friend from high school, John, that lived on the 10th floor of Schramm. On the first day of college he went to take a shower on his floor. It was super awkward to be showering in a new place. Especially because there was a small curtain covering the shower. A little different from home. I remember in my dorm, wanting to shower as fast as I could. John is half way done with his shower when he could tell someone was in the shower beside him. Then he noticed something moving out of the corner of his eye. It was Mikki Moore's head peaking above the shower divider. John looked at him. Mikki Moore said "How's it going" with a smile similar to Chris Rock's. In fact, I later found out that Mikki was just really excited for the first day of school. My friend John, with shampoo in his hair, immediately turned off the shower and returned to his room.


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