Monday, February 06, 2006

Daily Nebraskan Quotes- Circa 1999

One of my favorite things to read in the Daily Nebraskan was the basketball quotes during the Nee days. Pure comedy.

VS. KU- March 8, 1999 KU77 NU53.

Danny Nee
"They kicked our ass"

"Every time you miss a free throw, it's like a coffin - you can feel that dirt coming down on you."

Venson Hamilton
"Once I missed my first one, I tried to steer everything,"

"They shot that first 3-pointer, and that sent us a message that they were ready to play," Hamilton said. "Their intensity was high; we didn't match it."

Andy Markowski
Vs. KU (March 08, 1999)
"They shot the ball well; we didn't shoot the ball well."

VS OU February 18, 1999 OSU 60 NU 48

Venson Hamilton
"After that went in, I just looked at Larry (Florence) and told him right there, 'It just wasn't meant for us to win,'" Hamilton said.

"We had an off night tonight," Hamilton said. "We played miserable."

"This is going to hurt our chances bad," Hamilton said. "Everybody's mad. Everybody knows they could have played better ... much better."

Danny Nee
"We're still in a good position to control our own destiny," Nee said. "We just talk about winning the next game."


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