Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sean Taylor's Saliva

(Photo courtesy of Doug Benc/Getty/

While I'm not sure if it rivals the snot all over Al Harris' face after he picked off Matt Hasselbeck in to win a playoff game two years ago as the greatest facial-bodily fluid play ever to occur in a playoff game in January, the Sean Taylor Spitting incident was pretty confusing and exciting as it resulted in one of the most blatant, clear, and seen-by-the-ref physical attacks which ended up not being flagged that I've ever seen.

But check out this video, which I found on Deadspin, which is great because it includes not only visual evidence of the messy spittle coming from Taylor but actual audio of referee Mike Carey's discussions with other referees and the Redskins about the call.

While Carey, in my opinion, has shown himself to be the most talented referee in the NFL at explaning his reasoning for ruling on replays, I fail to understand why Pittman doesn't get a flag for smacking Taylor in retaliation. Apparently it is not unsportsmanlike to retailiate. I wonder if the same would have held true if Taylor swung at Pittman rather than hocked a lugie. It wasn't like it was necessary to defend himself. Just a thought. Former 'Canes suck.

You may also remember, that this isn't the first problem the former Cane has had keeping himself on the field. Who says Marcus Vick doesn't have an NFL future?


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