Friday, January 13, 2006

Things I Think are Overrated

1. Wedding Crashers- I'm going to think of an idea for a movie that is good for 15 minutes. Then I'm going to beat it like a dead horse for another 2 hrs.
2. New Years- I think I'm 3/28 as far as fun goes for new years.
3. Texas Hold 'em- If you think about it, it's really not that fun.
4. California- Whats so cool about fires, mudslides, earthquakes, smog, rain season and traffic? Ok they do have commercials with Eric Estrada.
5. American Idol- People who can't sing should not be put on TV to be told they can't sing.
6. Capri Pants- Somehow women have found a way to wear them in the winter. The only people that have an excuse to wear capri pants are people that live in New Orleans. And even they shouldn't wear them.
7. Ansel Adams posters- Trees have snow on them when its snowing. Neat.


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